To take political action in support of a sustainable local economy, thriving community and responsible environmental stewardship.


By a 3-2 vote, the Board of Supervisors is bringing a variation on the defeated Measure S back to the November ballot. This will also drain reserves to pay for just a portion of the matching funds for the massive jail expansion! Help us organize to fight this fiscally irresponsible proposal!


Links to information, agendas and minutes for Siskiyou County, its cities and community services districts!

This new Political Action Committee is about setting a positive, forward thinking vision of Siskiyou County’s future. We are an alliance of business owners, community groups and others dedicated to making sure our children can remain and thrive here.

We have abundant assets – rivers, forests, clean air, fertile soil, resilient people and many opportunities for outdoor recreation and healthy lifestyles. Yet this county ranks 55th out of California’s 58 counties in median income. “Business as usual” has failed. It’s time for something different.

Siskiyou County already has many examples of sustainable businesses and locally sourced products and services. To support healthy communities and robust economies, we must upgrade technologies to connect new well paying ventures with worldwide knowledge markets, working from the comfort of our homes and businesses. We must encourage, not disparage visitors from far and wide who come here to recharge and revitalize. We want affordable, quality lives, and time to go outside with our families.

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The Siskiyou Forward Movement PAC will organize and drive inclusive public discussion around real solutions. We hold core values: respect for the environment, honesty, integrity, social justice, community building and of course art, music and fun. We’ll participate – attending public meetings, holding candidate and ballot issue forums, supporting (or opposing) elected officials, improving the laws and processes affecting our lives while also preserving our strengths. We’ll develop informed citizens and encourage effective candidates who build bridges and lead by example.

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We are now focusing on two important ballot measures:


November 2016 Siskiyou County Election

Help us defeat this fiscally irresponsible proposal!


November 2016 Siskiyou County Election

We made it! The initiative is certified for the November 2016 ballot!