The following information is from County Clerk Colleen Setzer’s presentation July 5, 2016 asking the BOS to certify the June election results.

Here are agendas for BOS meetings. On the July 5 agenda, this is item 8A under 10:15 am Departmental Requests – County Clerk. By clicking on that item, links appear in the upper right hand corner of your browser to the agenda form, and also to a summary of election results.

Here are audio minutes. To listen, go to the July 5 date, then download the file – this is archived in Windows Media format. People who use Macs should download software such as Flip4Mac to listen. The presentation starts 55 minutes, 28 seconds in, until the end of the recording.

Here are the written minutes from the meeting.

Statistics Presented:

  • 26,382 voters were registered in Siskiyou county as of May 23 deadline for registering for the June election
  • 17,704 ballots were sent by mail, which is 68% of total registered voters – up from 60% by mail in 2014
  • 16,667 voters cast ballots, that is 63%; that’s down from 68-70% years ago, and has been declining
  • 12,122 voted by mail
  • 4,545 voted at the polls on election day
  • 20 polling locations were set up
  • There was a new voting system this election – an optical scan system with updated technology
  • Systems have to go through federal and state certifications; it takes on average 6-7 years for this, so not a lot of systems are available based on current technology
  • Currently California has 3 or 4 approved voting machine vendors
  • With the new system, chimes let you know your ballot was counted
  • Now there is also a central count system; instead of the ballot being counted by machines at polls, they can be counted in the Clerk’s office using high speed scanners
  • Units at the polls meet all federal accessibility requirements (audio ballots for the visually impaired had a good review)
  • There was lots of interest in this election due to measures on the ballot
  • 1,042 provisional ballots were issued on election day at polls and clerk’s office – which was a large number
  • Most provisional ballots were issued because many vote by mail voters decided they wanted to vote at the polls but did not bring their mailed ballot with them to surrender it there
  • Also voters who wanted to cross over to a different party received provisionals
  • A huge number of people tried to vote out of their home precinct
  • 749 provisional votes were counted
  • 232 were not counted because the voter was not registered in Siskiyou County
  • 45 were not counted due to signature issues
  • 16 were not counted for various reasons such as envelope did not contain a ballot
  • These are county wide statistics
  • The summary of results, and detailed Statement of Votes Cast are also available on her website