People are voting their absentee ballots now – there’s not much time left until the November 8 election! The YES on H campaign is in full swing and needs your help and contributions.

Measure H ends special privileges for water-bottling companies in Siskiyou County and levels the playing field for water users. Crystal Geyser is funding an “AstroTurfed” (fake grassroots) group to spread lies about this citizen sponsored initiative which in truth will not affect agriculture or domestic wells, except to preserve water supplies for these uses.

Here’s how you can help: You can donate money here for the political campaign. We comply with all California Fair Political Practices Act requirements, and donations are not tax deductible, but will do a lot of good.

And there are lots of other ways to help. You can:

  • Display a sign in your yard or window
  • Officially endorse Measure H as a business or organization
  • Encourage friends, family and colleagues to Vote YES on H
  • Share our posts and videos through social media or
  • Volunteer to help us phone bank

To display a sign or officially endorse Measure H, please send an e-mail to Official endorsements are requested by Oct. 22, so your business or organization can be thanked in our Newspaper Ad.

In the face of drought, we must stop taking water for granted. Vote YES on Measure H to ensure economic productivity and improve sustainable groundwater management in Siskiyou County.