Andy Fusso

This is an important moment for us.

Where did these slick anti-cannabis mailings originate? The money is evidently pouring in from two outsiders: extreme anti-Semite Roger Morgan, and Julie Schauer, the primary donor to the campaign against Prop 64.

Please read this article carefully, which contains more information about the racist origins of these campaigns.

Morgan has written a book and is a prime promoter of the thoroughly discredited and despicable anti-Semitic conspiracy theory accusing Jewish philanthropist George Soros of being a Nazi collaborator as a 14 year old child. Can we believe anything he tells our community?

Of course, the lies in the mailers, and on the agenda next weekend, are designed to fool many people. There’s a legitimate debate about zoning. We might agree or disagree – but that should be, and was a local discussion.

This is different. It’s not about zoning. Tens of thousands of dollars is being spent to mislead citizens who have overwhelmingly endorsed and voted for reasonable regulations to provide jobs and economic benefits for the city while reducing the real impacts from trespass grows in our forests.

The IRS has revoked the Take Back America group’s nonprofit status. Our sheriff also claimed he destroyed $157 million in cannabis. You don’t need to a math degree to question that figure – it works out to over $3500 for every man, woman and child in the county, at a time where legalization has pushed prices to all-time lows. But let’s say it was true – who would be proud to do that much damage to our struggling economy?

These extremist groups are trying to suppress the will of both state and local voters, re-fight their losing Prop 64 battle, and keep the independent city residents as broke and desperate as those in the county.

Let’s sort out our zoning issues locally, and let’s tell these radicals that we, the adults in the room, will continue with sensible city regulations, and prosper without their interference.

It is also time for the city of Mt. Shasta to consider a lobbying disclosure ordinance. As with many other cities in California, such an ordinance must bring forces behind these kinds of misleading campaigns into the full light of day.