Mount Shasta Herald
October 15, 2020

‘L’ keeps families from thriving

I am fortunate to have landed in Shasta a decade ago. I made a family, got my college degree, and have happily raised my daughters in an area blessed with so much natural beauty and abundance. The one shortcoming that everyone agrees on is the lack of jobs. I could find minimum wage, no benefits, no flexibility, no future jobs anywhere in this county, and my labor could line the pockets of some chain owner who lives across the country. But even with my degree, real opportunity wasn’t there.

I could do better. I made my own job, I started crafting and supplemented our household income by running my own business. Fast forward to 2020. My husband was battling injury, and my festival vending (at this point our only source of income) was victim to the pandemic. Like so many of our neighbors, we didn’t know how we were going to provide for our daughters, how we would make it through. I give thanks daily to whatever higher power put me into the position to get my job. I stumbled my way, during the most trying times for our generation, into the best job I’ve ever had in my life. I could start paying bills. I didn’t have to worry about our utilities being turned off. I got to arrive at work every day with a smile on my face knowing that I was helping people. That my hard work was appreciated. That the profits I helped generate stayed in our community. That my girls were provided for.

I work for a legal, indoor cannabis production company in Mount Shasta. I urge everyone to vote No to Measure L. Disallowing any new permits for cannabis does not “keep kids safe,” it keeps local families from the chance to thrive.