Mount Shasta Herald
October 15, 2020

As a 15 year veteran educator in our community, keeping children safe is always my first priority and  I am appalled at the way our concern for children’s safety is being manipulated to further the passing of Measure L. I can certainly appreciate and understand voters wanting to be vigilant in keeping our children safe. However, with a scratch of the surface we can uncover a campaign that has perpetuated misinformation to muddle and confuse the facts. Facts such as…

  • The city has NOT violated any state laws. All of the facilities are lawful. In fact, the California State Superior Court has upheld the buffer zone measurements made by the City.

  • Industrial cannabis operations are highly regulated by the State and the City cannot “manipulate” any of these state regulations.

  • Cannabis businesses cannot imitate any packaging used for goods that are typically marketed to children (Bureau of Cannabis Control, California Code of Regulations,

  • The packaging must be child resistant and in accordance with the requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, thus going above and beyond to protect children (Bureau of Cannabis Control, California Code of Regulations,

  • Each licensed premise must have video surveillance installed and operating at all times (Bureau of Cannabis Control, California Code of Regulations,

  • Cannabis businesses use strict and rigid security measures to further ensure safety.

  • Industrial cannabis businesses cannot advertise on the outside of their buildings, further protecting children from exposure.

The agenda and campaign behind seeing Measure L pass is misdirected at best, but I would go as far as saying dangerous. It sets a precedent that it is acceptable to use lies to forward a campaign as long as it is under the guise of keeping our children safe. Again, I fervently urge my community to dig deeper than the postcard mailers that are riddled with false information and to VOTE NO on MEASURE L.


Lindsey Nemec