Mount Shasta Herald
October 21, 2020

Dear Kids of Mount Shasta

I’m sorry you are being used as pawns in our town’s debate over Measure L. Sometimes, parents are so concerned about your safety that they don’t think clearly. In the worst cases, they suspend their critical thinking skills and outright lie to you.

Measure L is not a good thing for our town or our economy. The local cannabis industry does not put you at risk for increased use, and it definitely doesn’t put you in harm’s way. Sadly, you are being used as an excuse, in order to justify the actions of the Measure L supporters.

Make no mistake – cannabis is an adult use activity and not meant for kids. As is the case with all adult activities like alcohol use or gun ownership, it’s important to educate yourself so that when you are of age, you can make responsible choices. Cannabis is like a lot of other adult activities that you are used to seeing, like alcohol. I’m sure you’ve seen parents or family members open a bottle of wine at thanksgiving or enjoy a beer at a Fourth of July barbecue. In this sense, cannabis is no different than that bottle of wine or can of beer.

Some of your parents are scared that an industry in Mount Shasta will normalize cannabis. They are scared of this because change is difficult, and they grew up getting taught in schools that cannabis is a bad drug, like heroin or meth. This isn’t true and it’s time your parents stopped insulting your intelligence. Adult cannabis used responsibly is perfectly normal. We all need to trust that with proper education and guidance, you will make responsible choices.

Measure L hurts our town’s economy and eliminates jobs. I’m sorry you are being used as leverage, in order to perpetuate lies about the cannabis industry.

Jamie Scepkowski
Mount Shasta