Campaign Sign Theft Caught on Camera
“Keep Kids Away From Cannabis” Mom Sought by Police

Mount Shasta, CA – On October 17 in Mount Shasta, California, surveillance cameras caught the nighttime theft of a “Vote No on Measure L” campaign sign from a local sidewalk, taken by an apparent local mom, followed by a teenage boy.

The city measure had been touted by proponents as a way to “Keep Kids Away From Cannabis”.

In the video, the boy appears and then follows the woman as she removes the sign and walks quickly away down the sidewalk.

The Mount Shasta effort originated with support from the losing side of 2016’s state Prop 64 cannabis regulation campaign and the I AM church. Measure L is on the ballot following a dispute, and unsuccessful lawsuit about required “buffer zones” for a proposed cannabis processing facility in an industrial area. A small unaccredited I AM school has had a zoning variance to operate in the area.

“One of the first social media comments called the video “propaganda”, yet the footage is authentic, referred to the Mount Shasta Police Department for investigation”, said Andy Fusso, who edited the surveillance video for posting online.

“In this election, it’s important for people to take time to study the issues, whether national, state or local, and be sure to tell the difference between truth and lies”, Fusso said. “There’s nothing more important than building trust and integrity, and voting based on truly understanding the facts – that’s what sets good examples and creates bright futures for young people”.

The video is available on the Siskiyou Progressives Facebook Group and by following this link: – more information about Measure L can be found at

PLEASE NOTE: the video is an independent effort produced by three volunteers and one cat, at no charge, and thus not funded by the Siskiyou Forward Movement (which did pay for the sign that was stolen). Media entrepreneur/environmentalist Andy Fusso used actual footage from a Mount Shasta surveillance video to create this, advocating a No vote on Measure L. He is entirely responsible for its content.