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For too long, citizens and political leaders in Siskiyou County have been stuck in a wary impasse, unwilling or unable to discuss real economic challenges facing families and young people of our area. Hoping that the lumber industry, or another big multinational corporation will step in to fix the economy – that strategy hasn’t worked for two generations. Similarly, we can’t expect to preserve our greatest asset – our pristine natural resources – unless we consider how people here can make a living.

Now it’s time to find solutions. The Siskiyou Forward Movement is forming to engage new voices and groom future leaders. It’s not about being dependent, waiting for permissions, it’s about reclaiming our resilience and taking realistic action on our own. We believe the key to success is small, local businesses; better and more environmentally friendly tourism opportunities, well-planned improvements (not unwelcome growth) and the untapped potential for reaching new markets through technology – as a start.

The Siskiyou Forward Movement is registered as an official Political Action Committee with the California Secretary of State and the Siskiyou County Clerk. Donations are not tax deductible, but well worth your while.

We are aligned with the Siskiyou Progressives group, which through social media and events offers an opportunity for the community to create visions and priorities together in a break with the past.

The Siskiyou Forward Movement PAC has already been successful on two projects: defeating the June 2016 sales tax increase proposed to fund a portion of a massive county jail/prison expansion failed, and gathering enough signatures for the November 2016 citizens’ initiative to equalize the playing field among water users. Now we will continue to campaign for voter approval of this initiative (Yes on Measure H), and against a slightly modified jail sales tax proposal (No on Measure G) which County Supervisors once again placed this on the November ballot despite the June measure’s disapproval.

Also responding quickly in a few days before the June 7 election, we trained and organized over 50 poll watchers after reports of sheriff’s deputies going door to door and creating checkpoints to discourage Hmong people from voting. On September 13, 2016, attorneys for the Hmongs filed a federal lawsuit on this matter.

The California Attorney General and Secretary of State’s offices are also investigating, along with the US Department of Justice and the ACLU. Observers from community groups and the ACLU were also present during vote counting at the County Clerk’s office.

Please contact us if you want to get involved or learn more, and visit our Facebook pages for:

It’s our county and our community. Together, let’s move forward towards a positive future.