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Final results: 1125 voters (60%) said NO to this anti-cannabis jobs measure. Big thanks to the sensible citizens who saw through the slick mailers, falsehoods and money behind this effort to destroy these good industry jobs.

Now it is time to support our parks, and talk truthfully with your children! Much appreciation to everyone in the community who wrote letters, carried signs, and volunteered your time and effort to defeat this measure!

PLEASE NOTE: the video above is an independent effort produced by three volunteers and one cat, at no charge, and thus not funded by the Siskiyou Forward Movement (which did pay for the sign that was stolen). It is featured on the Siskiyou Progressives Facebook group. Media entrepreneur/environmentalist Andy Fusso used actual footage from a Mount Shasta surveillance video to create this, advocating a No vote on Measure L. He is entirely responsible for its content.

Save our forests and watersheds!


  • Keep good jobs in Mount Shasta!
  • Support legitimate, contributing entrepreneurs!
  • Say no to outside money attacking our community!
  • Say no to lies and destruction – protect children by speaking truth!

Background – In November 2016, 57% of Californians voted in favor of Proposition 64’s changes in cannabis regulations. Within the City of Mt. Shasta, over 60% of voters agreed. Afterwards, city staff and officials held numerous, non-controversial hearings, and passed local cannabis ordinances, creating jobs and tax revenues while setting strict standards and oversight.

A small, non-credentialed religious “school” has a variance to locate in an industrial area of the city. Aided by an influx of outside money coming from funders of  Proposition 64’s losing side, their elders aligned with the former sheriff, Tea Party Patriots, and State of Jefferson groups to hold local rallies at great expense, flying speakers from as far away as Thailand.

Even after a properly licensed cannabis processing applicant changed location, and the city rescinded the ordinance changes, these forces persisted in dividing the community with false statements. They lost their court challenge to buffer zone measurement, and now they seek to drive out these legitimate businesses.

Do we want a well-regulated cannabis industry, or do we want our forests and watersheds destroyed?

Measure L won’t keep us safe, but it will keep us broke!

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